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Car Insurance Overview for Pico Rivera, Bellfower, Whittier cities

February 10, 2018

City Car Insurance Overview: for city of Pico Rivera, Bellflower, and Whittier.


Car insurance is part of daily life within each city and community in southern California, shoppers are always looking to cut their cost on auto insurance by finding new lower rates from respected top companies. Many factors determine the cost of auto insurance, there have been determining factors set for auto insurance companies in California by the California Department of Insurance to price premiums for auto insurance part of these factors are driving experience, annual mileage driven per year, driving record, and the location or area is part of the specifics that quote is based on. Our focus today is the specific area as we explore the conditions and history of these cities for our article and study.

Location and area mark the specifics when it comes to quoting auto insurance in Los Angeles County areas of Pico Rivera(where our corporate office is located), Bellflower(our servicing areas and gateway city where our auto insurance rates are some of the lowest), and Whittier(another neighboring city where auto insurance with us is some of the lowest) consideration needs to be given to the hazards connected with area and location.

Since driving record is more difficult to predict or estimate, we will focus on the population density of each city giving us an guestimate figure for principle of “more cars higher risk of accident”, average age for guestimate on driving experience, and average family income to consider lifestyle and coverage limits.

Brief history of the city sourced from and city official websites ,,

Our corporate office is located in Pico Rivera considered part of the gateway cities, Pico Rivera the upscale and prestigious was founded in 1958 from the merger of the communities of Pico (named after Pio Pico, the last Mexican Governor of California) and Rivera.

Pico Rivera
Population : Pico Rivera has a population of 62,942
Median Age: 31
Average Income: $41,564

One of our servicing cities in Los Angeles County is Bellflower which incorporated in 1957 derives its name from the bellefleur apple, which was grown in local orchards during the early 1900s.

Population : 76,616
Median Age: 30
Average Income: $41,564

Cit of Whittier is our neighboring city and at the time of the Mexican-American War, much of Whittier was owned by Pio Pico. As the city grew, the citizens named it after John Greenleaf Whittier, a respected Quaker poet.

Population : 85,331
Median Age: 33
Average Family Income: $49,256

So comparing these figures one would naturally assume that Whittier is to be the pricier of the three locations to live in, yet this will vary with specifics and to help you compare and find the lowest rates is where you will be able to request a quote and Calico Insurance agents with our quote comparison system software will find the best coverage and price for your car insurance. You may also call our office in Pico Rivera 562-205-2495

Department of Insurance also has Quote comparison System of list prices of insurance carriers.
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